• Tati Kader

Why interior design?

Do people ever ask an accountant; why is your job necessary? Welcome to my career-long struggle as a designer. It recently sturk me! Why is what I do, not only a career choice, but an essential part of our living existence. A doctor saves lives, a lawyer is necessary well… in most dealings in life, engineers, scientists… so on and so forth. I wonder if these fellows are ever questioned with, is their job really necessary, or mostly downgraded into a “splurge” for the quote on quote “design aficionados”. I highly doubt it. It is though I would say, my daily struggle. Why I do what I do, what does an interior designer really do? Why is this an essential part of our human existence? Slowly but surely I have the answers…

Interior by Brian Paquette Interiors.

Growing up I always questioned why the awkward sized rug in the living room bothered me, or the strong, blue, and almost blinding lights of the grocery store basically made me have a mental breakdown every time I walked through the doors, or why the wrong color of muggy brown and pale yellow down the hallway at school really made me dread taking that route on the daily. These environments actually had direct psychological effects on me, and I was there to presence all of it. Am I going crazy? Am I the only one heavily bothered or delighted depending on my surroundings? Fast forward 20 years. I am an established interior designer facing the same issues, but wonderfully enough, I have a solution of my own! I am able to design where I live, and choose to go live a life through this lens as I help others who aren’t aware of these psychological effects to experience the delight of living a beautiful life, inside and out. 

One of my best friends called me last night, complaining that her house is not “put together” and it is making her “crazy”. Her husband in return said, “why does it matter, our house looks --- fine''. Fine!!! There is no such thing as fine, if you can actually feel unwell in your own space. It struck me then, it's not just me. Maybe some of us are aware of these feelings, and maybe some of us aren’t, but that does not mean that this is not a part of our mental and physical reality. So after all of these years, I do have a response as to why what we interior designers do is essential to our existence. Simply put, we are capable of creating peace and calm within someone’s most intimate environment. We spend about 90% of our lives indoors, whether at work, school, or in our own home. Interior designers are in charge (hopefully) of creating that existence to the very most minor detail. We are capable of making someone feel well, awake, tired, relaxed, joyful, playful, at peace… and the list could go on and on. Hopefully this helps most of you reading to realize you're not “crazy” if your home is not making you feel well, and you are most certainly not wrong if there are inexplicable reasons as to why you might just not feel your best in certain environments. You are also not wrong to like some restaurants more for how “cozy” they are even if the food might be really good at a different one but you always order “take-out” from the other one because it's not somewhere you would want to sit at for more than… 10 minutes?! I think we have all been victims of these feelings, even in the most nuanced ways, but alas! -- this gives me the answer I most searched for: why is interior design important. 

On a final note: I think many would answer the question as interior design being an art, or a response to a finer life, but in my case, I think of interior design as a response to my mental and physical well-being -- hence, Neshama (soul). 



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