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Tathienne Kader

Tathienne (Tati) Kader is an Interior Designer in New York City and Miami. She has been practicing Design for nearly 10 years. Tati was born in Santiago, Chile and came to the United States to pursue her studies in Interior Design School.  She has  completed projects in New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and beyond.
Tati has an elevated yet livable taste for design, a holistic approach to her interiors, and is inspired by mostly French artists and designers from all time periods ranging from Classical, to Modernist, Brutalist and Post Modern. She is truly passionate about creating a unique home tailored to each client and would describe her style as timeless. 

Tati is a lover of neutrals, but is never afraid to use color. She has a deep appreciation for art and sculpture and loves to include a mix of new/up-and-coming and classic artists in her projects. Tati is also deeply passionate about wellness and always aims to transform spaces not only to fit her clients needs and aesthetic, but to create a sense of calm and wellbeing. As a new mom, Tathienne has also discovered a love for  creating children’s rooms and nurseries, as well as spaces tailored for social gatherings that grow with the family’s needs over time.

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Why Neshama?

Neshama translates to soul in Hebrew. We believe each home has a soul. Each home or interior is absolutely unique and should make you feel most like yourself. We don't believe in a certain style other than timeless, and each project is crafted to fit each client in the most intimate way to feel their own. 


Neshama was created not only as an interior design firm, but as a means to share and expand on what design really means, and how it can affect our lives for the better. Through inspiration and exploration of our own projects as well as external sources encompassing all aspects of design and lifestyle, we aim to help you enrich your life even in the simplest of ways. We believe interior design is a part of our well being on a much deeper level than we as a society perceive, and simple lifestyle choices including taste, smell, and all visual stimuli affect us profoundly. We believe these choices can lead you to live a happier, fuller, richer and more beautiful life. We hope you find inspiration, drive, and become empowered through our journey and discoveries as well. 


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